Swabian Inventions

Swabia's inhabitants have always been genius Difdler`s - the swabian kind of inventors. Some of the most important inventions heve been made by Swabians, for example:

The first steerable airship
by Graf von Zeppelin

Astronomic telescope
by Johannes Kepler

by Philipp Matthäus Hahn, born 1739

The first programmable Computer
by Konrad Zuse, 1938

1831 by Jakob Friedrich Kammerer from Ehningen. He also founded the first industrial production of the phosphorous matches a year later.

Harmonica (Mundharf)

Carl Lämmle from Laupheim emigrated to Chicago in 1884. He was an early pioneer of the film industry and founded Universal Studios in Los Angeles in 1912.

The first Rocket Aircraft
Ernst Heinkel from Grunbach designed in 1938 the "He 176", which was the first rocket-engined aircraft. This experimental aircraft based on "He 112"

The first Jet Aircraft
The "He 178" was designed by Ernst Heinkel in August 27, 1938. It was the worlds first jet aircraft. It was a high-wing aircraft of conventional, clean lines, with a nose intake. Two built, but only one flown.

by Anonymus. Re-invented under the slogan "Let's putz" by Stuttgart's town mair Dr. Wolfgang Schuster in 1998

Linotype-Typesetting Machine
by Ottmar Mergenthaler from Hachtel

by Gottlieb Daimler from Schorndorf

by Gottlieb Daimler from Schorndorf

in the year 1597 in Rohrschach

02 Apr 2002
© Thomas Kemmer