Foreign Words

A lot of words from foreign languages have been integrated into the swabian language. Mainly the french vocabulary had a big influence on today's Swabia. Between 1888 and 1888, French language was ...

French words

alderiere (fr. altérer) vb.: get excited; be upset.
Bagasch (fr. bagage) f.: rabble; riffraff.
Barderr (fr. parterre) n.: first floor.
Bassleda (Paßleta) (fr. passe le temps) m.: pastime.
Batsch (fr. battre) m.: handshake.
Blafo (Plafo) sound (fr. plafond) n.: ceiling.
Bodschamber (fr. pot de chambre) m.; dim ~le n.: chamber pot.
Bredull (fr. bredouille) f.: embarrassment; predicament.
Buddl (fr. bouteille) f. (small) bottle.
Deez (fr. tête) m.: head (s. Grend, Meggl, Riabl).
Dusenierle (fr. douze deniers) n.: mere nothing; trifle.
dusma (fr. doucement) adj.: gentle; mild; soft.
Dusörle (fr. douceurs) n.: trifle; sweets.
eschtimiere (fr. estimer) vb.: estimate; value.
Gautsche (fr. couche) f.: swing.
granate (fr. grand) adj. adv.: huge; grand; (pref. with certain words); ~mäßig unbelievable.
Grend (fr. tête) m.: head (s. Deez, Meggl, Riabl).
Hotwole (fr. haute volée) f.: upper class; big cheese.
Kaf (fr. cave) f.: cave; shed.
Kanapee (fr. canapée) n.: day-bed.
kommod (fr. commode) adj. adv.: convenient; easy; comfortable.
kuranze (fr. courir) vb.: victimize.
Kurasch (fr. courage) f.: courage; bravery.
Lamperie (fr. lambris) f.: facing of wall, especially under the window.
Malör (fr. malheur) n.: bad luck; mishap; misfortune.
Mansard sound (fr. mansarde) f.: attic; garret.
Meggl (fr. tête) m.: head (s. Deez, Grend, Riabl).
moleschdiere (fr. molester) vb.: disturb; bother; pester.
Pada sound (fr. pendant) f.: counterpart.
partu (fr. partout) adv.: absolutely; at all costs.
Pedäderle (fr. peut-être) n.: equipment that perhaps works (lighter).
pitschiere (fr. piteux) vb.: bring s.o. in a pitiful situation.
plärre (fr. pleurer) vb.: cry; weep.
Plümo (fr. plumeau) f.: feather bed.
Pottschamberle fr. (pot de chambre) n.: pot for special affairs during the night.
press|iere (fr. presser) vb.: be urgent; i habs ~ant: i am in a hurry.
probber (brobber) (fr. propre) adj.: neat; well cared; clean.
Ragall (fr. racaille) f.: quarrelsome woman.
ratzeputz (fr. rasibus) adj. adv.: totally.
Remis (fr. remise) f.: carport.
Riabl (fr. tête) m.: head (s. Deez, Grend, Meggl).
saumäßig adj. adv.: fucking good (fig.); (s. fr. vachement beau).
schalu (fr. jaloux) adj.: jealous.
schasse (fr. chasser) vb.: chase away; kick (s.o.) out.
Schäslo (fr. chaise longue) f.: day-bed; divan.
Scheminee (fr. cheminée) n.: fireplace.
Suddrae (fr. souterrain) m.: basement.
Tabloo (fr. tableau) n.: tray.
Trottwa (fr. trottoir) n.: ;des ~ fir'd Keerwoch
tuschur (fr. toujours) adv.: always; permanent; ongoing.
tutmemschos (fr. toute la meme chose) adj.adv.: absolutely the same.
wif (fr. vif) adj.: bright; clever.
Wisasch (fr. visage) f.: face.
wisawi (fr. vis a vis) adj. adv.: opposite; facing.

English words

Compared to the words of french origin, the english vocabulary cannot be

afterle engl. after.
driveliere engl. vb.: drivel.
Dubbl (Dubbel) engl. m.: dub; loser; (s. Sempl).
Gôg (Gog) engl. m.: gawk; vinegrower from Dibenga; (s. Wengerter).
hudle engl. vb.: huddle No net ~! Don't hurry! (s. rom-hudle).
natappe engl. vb.: tap (s. tappe.
Ruschler engl. m.: rusher.
stiere engl. vb.: stir.
tappe engl. vb.: tap (s. natappe.
triale engl. vb.: trail.
Wette engl. f.: wet; damp meadow.
wifele engl. vb.: weave.

Italian words

Don't ask me why - there are some word of italian origin:

bäffzge (beffzge) (ital. beffare) vb.: scold; bicker.
baschtand (ital. bastante) adj.: strong (enough).
Fazenet (Fazenettle) (ital. fazzoletto) usually dim. ~le; n.: handkerchief.
Karfiol (ital. cavolfiore) m.: cauliflower.

Netherland words

bruddle (netherland: pruttelen) vb.: grumble; bleat; scold.

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